Monday, 9 March 2009

Luke to return in Heroes graphic novels

Heroes writers Aron Coliete and Joe Pokaski have confirmed that Dan's character Luke will return to Heroes - but only in the graphic novels.

In Comic Book Resources' Behind The Eclipse column, viewer Danielle Roberts posed this question :

“I really liked Luke, I thought he was one of the most interesting new characters we've seen introduced in the past couple seasons. A fanbase for Luke sprang up almost immediately after 'Trust and Blood’ aired, and I'm curious if we'll ever get to see more of this character? I'd really love to see his characterization continue, and see how he grows as a character. He's the confused teen dealing with not fitting in and not being wanted, and he's lost without any guidance both figuratively and literally since Sylar left him in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to go since going home really isn't a viable option. I want to know what happens to him. So is there any chance we'll get to see Luke turn up again, even in the graphic novels?”
Scene from "Shades of Gray"

Absolutely. He’s such a great character that we left him in the wind for exactly that reason – so look out in the graphic novels.

If Dan's pilot 'Cougartown' is picked up it rules out a return to Heroes as filming would clash.

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